Thorn offers hope in pandemic

Major League Baseball historian and Society of American Baseball Research (SABR) member, John Thorn, published an essay this week on the intersection of baseball and the pandemic. It’s a fascinating story. We encourage you to read the story (short excerpt below) and post your impressions below in our comment section.

Despite pundit declarations, tv ratings, and generational shifts in how young people choose to divert themselves, baseball is still our national pastime. Part of the reason for that enduring status is that it is the game that connects us with our own pasts — enabling grownups to reflect on their youth, the young to figure out what growing up might mean and, in an important part of aging, retain a bit of childhood’s animating spark.

Baseball also connects us with a larger extended family, present and past, from parents and grandparents to generations of other Americans about whose past we may know nothing but with whom we may share a vision of the future. Baseball is the game that links us to a time, perhaps more imagined than real, when things seemed better. It is easy today to be romantic about the Greatest Generation, but it was harder to be one of those people then.

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